Town in Utah helps town in Uganda get Clean Water

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Town in Utah helps town in Uganda get Clean Water

The town of Elsinore, Utah recently hosted a fundraising event in conjunction with the nationwide day of service held on September 11th each year.

When they learned from one of our WHOlives ambassadors about the desperate need for clean water in developing countries they decided to take action. This small community of under 1,000 people raised over $4,000 to  help people on the other side of the world whom they have never even met.

Now, a Village Drill team will soon be on the way to Sheema, Uganda.  This beautiful community has agreed to participate in our community funded loan program.  The funds we received from Elsinore will be used to pay the drill team to drill a well.  Then, as the community pays back the loan over the next year, those payments will be rolled back into the program to provide a well for another community. This truly sustainable model allows WHOlives to help many more communities and does so in a way that helps to create self reliance instead of dependency.

WHOlives offers a big heartfelt thank you to the wonderful people of Elsinore, Utah.

If you think your town, your church, your family or your group of friends would like to have a similar impact, please reach out to us.  We are happy to help in your group fundraising efforts.

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