Support Water, Health and Opportunity


Drill for clean water using the Village Drill


Protect girls from child marriages & FGM


Create local economic success


Improving lives by deploying our invention that provides a lifetime of clean water.


Advancing women by ending child marriages and female genital mutilation (FGM).


Creating sustainable business ownership and jobs for communities in need.

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Nonprofit WHOlives ‘fueling’ the end of FGM in southwest Kenya

The organization started by asking police in Migori County what they needed to protect young women. Fulfilling one simple request has sparked a wave of arrests and convictions. Officers needed gas for their cars to investigate more of these crimes. Fuel donations, supplies for safe spaces and other no-nonsense strategies are on track to making 2022 “The Last Cut.”

‘WHOlives assisted the police greatly’ in fight to end FGM, Kenyan police commander says

WHOlives has been working with police in Kuria, which is in southwest Kenya, to end child marriages and female genital mutilation (FGM). We asked Patrick Njoroge, the police commander for Kuria East, about how the horrible practice of FGM is impacting families. He told us what he’s seeing and how WHOlives is helping by creating safe spaces and donating fuel for police cars so that officers can investigate more cases.

Girls Rescued

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Watch the Village Drill in Action

Millions Now Have Clean Water Thanks to Our Invention

Although many well-meaning organizations work to bring clean water to those who need it, most do so at an incredibly high cost. WHOlives has chosen a different path.

Instead of spending millions of dollars hiring massive big rig drilling trucks, we decided to invest in something much more sustainable – Human Power! That’s why we invented the Village Drill. Crews all over the world are using clean, sustainable human power to drill low-cost boreholes, which bring Water, Health and Opportunity to those in need.

Support Community-Funded Wells

Promoting Self-Reliance, Not Dependency

The WHOlives Community-Funded Well Program promotes sustainable self-reliance for local villages instead of more dependency. This program allows villages to purchase their own low-cost borehole over time utilizing an interest-free loan provided by WHOlives.

This unique approach allows WHOlives to impact many more communities, and because each village participates in the cost of their own well, they enjoy the pride that comes from ownership. Community-funded wells are better cared for as each community member has a stake in the project.

End Child Marriages & FGM

WHOlives Has Helped Thousands of Girls Escape ‘The Cut’

Did you know there’s a “cutting season” in Kenya? It’s a horrifying time for girls, some as young as 9 years old, in which their genitals are cut for no reason. Next, they’re often sold and forced to marry older men.

Since our nonprofit started working to end female genital mutilation (FGM), we’ve helped rescue thousands of girls and provided emergency supplies to keep them safe. We’re making sure girls who’ve run away from their families can continue their education. Plus, we’ve empowered police to help them do their jobs.

More support is needed to end FGM for good.

Travel with WHOlives

Join Us on an Impact Mission!

Immerse yourself in another culture for an unforgettable experience. Because of our extraordinary work of providing water and expanding women’s rights to remote communities in need, we have an exclusive opportunity to introduce you to the wonderful daily lives of the villages where we have a personal connection.

It’s a unique humanitarian adventure and group vacation with luxury accommodations. These trips of a lifetime are fully planned several times each year, featuring a safari to search for Africa’s Big Five and other excursions.