WHOlives – Using innovation to provide clean water

  1. We empower people by;

  2. Providing technical and economic solutions

  3. Creating opportunity, not more dependency

  4. Implementing sustainable impacts for women and children

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Over 1 billion people suffer each day from scarce and contaminated water.  We provide clean water access to millions.


Over 3.4 million people die each year from waterborne illnesses. We are eliminating such health risks.


Our sustainable model creates business ownership opportunities and jobs for communities in need.

Training for New Drilling Jobs

In February and July 2021 WHOlives staff travelled to Kenya to train existing Village Drill crews. “This is the kind of thing that just gives me chills!” John comments with a smile, “In addition to training on The Village Drill, it’s important to role play sales skills, problem solving and other business practices. This light goes on and these guys begin to see how they could really be successful on a drill team.”

As part of the training, the team travelled to several villages to promote the WHOlives Community Funded Well Program.  This program allows villages to purchase their own low cost borehole over time utilizing an interest free loan provided by WHOlives.  This unique approach allows WHOlives to impact many more communities and, because each village participates in the cost of their own well, encourages self reliance instead of dependency.  As a result of these visits several villages have signed up for the program and more wells are now being dug all across Kenya.

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You can change the world, one village at a time.

In developing counties all over the world WHOlives is working hard to make a difference. Our Village Drill crews go where others simply cannot go to drill boreholes for much less than big rig drill trucks can drill.

Our unique and sustainable approach is teaching remote communities how to work together to solve their clean water problems.  Please join us by contributing today.

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