Tragic drownings at Kakindu, Uganda

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Tragic drownings at Kakindu, Uganda

Kakindu Trading Centre is in Mityana district, approximately 74kms (45 miles) Northwest of Kampala, Uganda’s Capital City.

Kakindu Community has a population of about 2,000 people with half of them living in the Trading centre where they run several small businesses. The rest of the population lives in the village where they do agriculture. The good climate, fertile soils and rainfall which peaks in March-May and October-November and bountiful lands makes agriculture one of the best alternatives for the population.  They mainly plant vanilla , cassava,  matooke (plantains),  pineapples, maize, watermelon, potatoes and passion fruits.

Kakindu Community has 1 public school and 2 private schools.

Unfortunately, access to safe and clean water is a huge challenge for this community. The majority of the population rely on unprotected water sources.  At the time when this community contacted Suubi for help, 2 children had drowned and died in a pond as they were collecting water!

The Community Funded Well Program was explained to them and they took it up. A vendor/operator was identified to sell the water to the community, until the loan is paid back.

A down payment of $600 has been raised.

2 children have drowned in the surface pond