Agobi, Uganda

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Agobi, Uganda

Imagine waking up each day and walking 3 to 4 kilometers to fetch dirty water from this stagnant pond.  Also imagine bringing this filthy water home to your 4 children and giving it to them to drink because that is all you have.  For Flora, a 34 year mother or 4 who lives in Agobi village located in Aduku Town Council, Kwania District, Northern Uganda this is reality and not imagination. The village has approximately 80 households and a population of close to 1,500 people. The community relies on surface water like ponds and streams, for their domestic water needs. If they want to access clean water, they walk to the next village of Aduku where they can access piped water or a borehole.

One of the community members contacted WHOLIVES through our website requesting assistance for their village.  We sent SUUBI Community Projects, one of our drilling partners to do a site visit and access the situation.  After explaining the Community Funded Loan program the village readily agreed and drilling started the next week.  Now, this community has access to clean water right in their village and Flora no longer needs to walk the long and dangerous path to fetch water each day.

Please help us raise the needed funds to help the next village by donating today.

Flora walked 3 miles