Helping Farmers in Kashani, Kenya

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Helping Farmers in Kashani, Kenya

Kashani village is situated North East of Mombasa city and it’s one of the villages in Mombasa city struggling with a number of challenges.  One of our Village Drill crews visited the village and quickly realized that there was a huge water problem in the area. With a population of about 2,000 people many homestead don’t have access to clean water so they either walk for about 3km or more or use rain water for about 3 months a year. There are few hand dug and drilled wells but still it’s not enough for the growing population. Kashani villagers were so excited to learn that Village Drill machine is a tool that can drill well at an affordable cost. Community members have worked so hard despite hard economic times to raise part of the drilling funds and they have qualified for our Community funded well. In less than a week drilling will commence and we hope they will enjoy clean water soon.

WHOlives is also helping this community bring their produce to market.  We are investing funds to help these poor farmers start a business that will allow them to transport crops 90 kilometers to a thriving market in Mombasa, Kenya.  Here they will be able to get a much better price for their produce then they can get in the rural villages.  This innovative approach helps to build self reliance instead of more dependency.

Please help us support the amazing people of this remote village.

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