Partner with a health clinic in Rongo, Kenya

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Partner with a health clinic in Rongo, Kenya

WHOlives staff visited this small health clinic near Rongo, Kenya on our recent Impact Mission.  This clinic services hundreds of families and provides basic health and birthing assistance to the surrounding community.  One of the biggest challenges they face is a lack of clean water.  Currently, they rely on a rain catchment system which captures the rain run off from the roof of their building.  This system has two drawbacks.  First it is very inconsistent and only provides enough water during the rainy season.  The second problem is contamination.  Birds and other animals often defecate on the roof which causes major issues for the safety of this water source.

The people responsible for this clinic have agreed to participate in our community funded well program which means they will be participating in paying for their new well.  This partnership approach will give them a much greater sense of pride and ownership and will also help reduce the sense of entitlement for surrounding areas.

Please help us bring much needed clean water to this beautiful community.

Clean Water for Better Health