Bukasa, Uganda, families are hard workers

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Bukasa, Uganda, families are hard workers

Bukasa Village is located in Nazigo Subcounty, Kayunga district Uganda. This a community and trading center where women operate food stalls and men work in shops. There are about 200 families in this community.

Unfortunately, they all depended on collecting water from surface ponds which is very dirty or walk long distances to nearby boreholes.  Some water vendors would also sell water in this community at a high price.

People would spend several hours away from their businesses, as they search for water!

The community consented to the Community Funded Well Program, Water Vending Point, after receiving training. They all agreed that it’s the best option for them. Once their loan is paid up, the community will again agree on how to run the water point thereafter.

An appropriate drilling location was selected, and a Water Vendor identified.

An electric submersible pump will be installed and a tank tower for easy water collection and control.

Back to business instead of walking to water!