VIllage Drill WHOlives


  1. Tina Bailey 3 years ago

    This is the best idea in forever! You are my heroes. Millions of people with clean drinking water, and it can go anywhere. I dont know your names, but you guys rock!

  2. Oliver Schmidt 1 year ago

    My name is Oliver Schmidt, I’m a family doc serving at a hospital for natives in the Paraguayan Chaco. We serve 12 villages and around 13000 indigenous (
    One of our biggest problems during drought times is water born gastrointestinal infections, that come for the last remains of water villagers get from waterholes, the same ones farm and wild animal use.
    During rain season we collect water from the tin roof. So we tried big water reservoirs, but maintenance is a problem; part of the tin comes of and all the system collapses.
    I would like to have someone build the drill you designed and try it out here.
    What are the steps to take so we can use your design? Are there costs?
    Keep up the Amazing work!

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