Astonishing Well Drilling Rig: Portable & Human Powered

Astonishing Well Drilling Rig: Portable & Human Powered
February 26, 2018 Eric Robinson… — Astonishing new patented technology — a portable, human-powered water well-drilling rig.

When we consider that one in six in the world does not have access to safe, clean water… this is an international game-changer. Donate here:

We believe that this drill can do for clean water what the Model T has done for transportation.

A great project for your organization to “adopt” and private-label.

This well-drilling rig costs less than the normal cost of drilling one well. But here’s the main difference. This virtually indestructible drilling rig can keep on drilling wells — providing safe drinking water to remote villages and also empowering local men with a purposeful vocation for years to come.

The entire drilling rig can be set up and taken apart within an hour or two. It can be transported to remote regions in a small boat or in the back of a pick-up truck. Regular hydraulic drilling rigs can never go where this rig can go.

Any organization will be able to private-label this sustainable project, raising funds to help people access clean drinking water. It’s common sense.

Allow me to make a prediction: The more you learn about this project, the more excited you will become. And the more you will see how different this is from other clean water delivery system out there…

Any thoughts or ideas?

By creating the “Village Drill” (a portable, human powered drilling rig) we can now bring clean water to millions of people.

The delivery of this water drill will provide new hope to the families of the 3.75 million people that die and the nearly 1 billion who suffer every day from scarce and contaminated water.

The Village Drill: This new technology was created by the founders of WHOlives and was developed by University engineers. The drill is designed to drill a 6″ borehole up to 250 feet deep, accessing the deep and clean water that exists nearly everywhere in the world, even the arid regions of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Once the borehole is complete and the well pump is attached a village instantly has the lifesaving water that will be the start of their rise from poverty.

The Village Drill will drill 1 meter every few minutes in most soils. It will also penetrate soft to mid- medium grade rock. It is not designed to penetrate hard rock formations, but we are testing a new drill bit that might change everything with hard rock.

Most groups talk about scarce and contaminated water, we have done something about it.

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