Kids Can Serve

“It’s important to show our kids that the most exciting and rewarding thing you can do is to make someone else’s life better.”

– Esther Wojcicki, mother of three incredible daughters, the CEO of YouTube, Professor at UC San Francisco, & CEO of 23andMe.

As parents we all want to raise children who lead happy, meaningful lives. We worry about our kids feeling entitled; that their self-worth will be tied to material possessions, like phones, video games, or the latest fashions.

Join the “Well DONE!” Team and help your child complete intentional acts of service every month. As they feel the joy of practicing empathy on an ongoing basis at home and in your community, you’ll also be partnering with other parents to bring children and families clean water wells across the world with the Village Drill. You’ll free children in developing countries from water slavery and give them the opportunity to go back to school. Watch as your family works together to get a clean water well.…DONE!

Membership with the “Well DONE!” Team is just $5/month.

In addition to giving a child water for life, your membership gives you access to our Water Wednesday newsletter that reports on our world-wide impact, and fun service ideas that will create unforgettable family memories.

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