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Join students across the nation to  empower women, children and families with water, health and opportunity.




It’s difficult to wrap your head around it, but 6,000 children die every day from scarce and contaminated water. Half of the illnesses being treated in hospitals across the world are a result of contaminated water. This is an epidemic family and friends may not know about. Help us spread the word and solve the problem!

Just like the group of engineering students that helped create the revolutionary Village Drill to access clean water, your school can help send that technology to children and their families who desperately need lifesaving water.

If you haven’t received the WHOlives Global Impact School Service Packet with step-by-step instructions to take the hassle out of your service project, download it here.


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Global Service Kit Look Who’s Using the Village Drill!

When your application is approved and your campaign number assigned, you will receive a link to posters to print, videos, instagram memes to post, etc. We’ll here to help every step of the way!

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